Frequently Asked Questions

Where is R:.L:. Seshat located?

We come together in the Hague.

How often and at which days do you meet?

We meet four times a year for initiations. Our initiating Officers meet more often to attend the Lodge of Instruction. Our meetings are during the weekend and last the whole day, including the evening if we are organizing an Agape (a brotherly meal). In the future we want to increase the number of meetings of our Lodge to once a month.

We also organize lectures, instruction and degree study through Zoom software on a regular basis.

What sets the Egyptian Rites apart?

Within the schema of Freemasonry the first step is the moral refinement of the individual Mason. It applies to our daily lives and actions and is the first step of every individual. It should form the basis of every day profane life and does not strictly relate to the greater lessons of an Esoteric School.

The initiations themselves are intended to bring the candidate to full blossoming of their potential and for those who are already Masons in other Obediences there are suprising elements within the ritual and the atmosphere that will add new and stimulating elements to your masonic development.

Members are educated through a curriculum of live instruction, study books, recommended reading and certain simple exercises which constitute our inner alchemy by which the practioner develops a new psychological state through which he or she will perceive the world in another way.

Within the Egyptian Rites we explore the three noble questions. These form the basis of all our inquiries. We approach the Craft in a different way. The human being is not seen as inherently flawed and in need of ‘self-improvement’. Our work is that of ‘self-awakening’.
The origin of who we are is perfect. It cannot be defiled by anything that happens on the surface layers of consciousness. However, because of all the confused activity on the surface level, that pure communication of our original being rarely reaches the surface undefiled. Our initiatory work and daily practice has the purpose to unveil our true nature to us.
Conflict resolution is very different from conflict liberation. Although it is quite useful to learn how to resolve conflicts, ┬┤self awakening┬┤ will ultimately liberate us from conflict all together. If it broke at the roots, why try to solve it at the level of branches? The outer result of our Work is the same but the inner rationale is quite different.

Can women become members?

Yes the Rite of Memphis-Misraim acepts both men and women into the Lodge.

How much does it cost to become a Freemason?

We choose to charge a small fee for initiation (approximately 65.- euro) to cover our costs for printing degree books and re-supplying our incense, candles etc. There are also yearly dues which cover our costs in running the organisation (approximately 150.- euro).

What are the spiritual filiations of R:.L:. Seshat?

Our Lodge is a free and souvereign Blue Lodge in the Ancient and Primitive Rite of Memphis-Misraim. We have been chartered by the Souvereign Sanctuary of the Initiatic Traditions of Old Egypt of the United Kingdom. Those who we deem sincere, after we have considered the motivational letter for joining the Egyptian Rites, can learn more about the background of our Lodge. We only admit candidates with pure and sincere intentions to partake in our Work and we want to emphasize the importance of this approach. It is equally important that there is sufficient capacity to receive that which the Egyptian Rites have to offer.