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Initiatic Traditions of Old Egypt

Esoteric Freemasonry

Lodge Seshat

We are Lodge Seshat, a newly founded Blue Lodge within the Rite of Memphis and Misraim, located in the Netherlands. As an international Lodge, we pride ourselves on our diverse membership and conduct the Work in the English language.

The Masonic Light has been graciously passed down to us by esteemed experts who have dedicated many decades to perfecting their rituals. This bestows upon us a genuine lineage in the Ancient and Primitive Rite of Memphis and Misraim.


As a united family of Brothers and Sisters, we are entrusted with the responsibility of preserving and sharing this rich initiatory treasury of knowledge. We share a common passion for Symbolism, Esotericism, Hermeticism, as well as exploring the nature of matter and consciousness. We are thrilled to offer these esoteric initiations to deserving seekers and welcome them into the spiritual culture of our Lodge.

The Rite

The Order’s degrees of instruction are divided into three sets, which are:

  •  Symbolic Masonry, common to all Rites, structured in three Degrees, which are Degrees of Formation and discovery and offers an explanation of symbolism and provides the foundations of philosophical research.
  • Philosophical Masonry that brings it into a new dimension, which sees personal research being refined, free of all dogma. It teaches the philosophy of history, as well as ancient myths. Its purpose is to place us on the Way of the search for origins, causes and effects.
  • Hermetic or Esoteric Masonry, which leads us to study the different Traditions of Humanity and causes us to discover the four ultimate Degrees of our Rite, the Arcana Arcanorum. It deals with high philosophy and studies the spiritual mysteries of the different ages of humanity, it admits the most ancient philosophical and esoteric work.

Unique esoteric approach

School of Initiation

Unique to the Egyptian Rites is the esoteric approach to Freemasonry. The initiation rituals and practices are meant to help the individual shine in the world and assist them in discovering their inward spiritual life.

The paradox of spiritual work is that to find ourselves we must loose ourselves. We think that self-mastery means that we have full control over ourselves but if we want to be in control, we again find ourselves within self-created boundaries. To know ourselves we must go beyond those boundaries of self-imposition.

Philosophy points to the ultimate mystery of that paradox but it is only through personal exploration and direct experience that we can solve it. The Great Work is therefore self-motivated and requires the utmost sincerity of the candidate. Freedom of thought and the individual search for Truth free from all imposition of a particular belief and dogma is essential.

The Order attempts to enhance one’s possibilities by creating a place outside of the daily routine of ordinary life where rituals, personal practices and symbols encourage inner reflection and exploration.

In this way Masons have the freedom to present works touching on philosophical, moral and metaphysical issues and to discuss them in an atmosphere of openness, nobility and tolerance which forms the basis of all spiritual development.

“For those who want to learn more about our Rite in general and  Lodge Seshat in particular, we can provide you with ‘the book of Parvis’ which is an introductory booklet with more detailed information about out organization. Inquiries can be made through our contact page.”


In August 2022 Respectable Lodge Seshat was consecrated by the Grand Master of the Sovereign Sanctuary of Initiatic Traditions of Old Egypt of the United Kingdom and we received and signed our Charter with the founding members. Since then we have been working together with the Grand Masters of our Rite in France and the United Kingdom to develop our Lodge and organization.

For those who are living outside of the Netherlands and are not capable of traveling to our Lodge on a regular basis there are other Lodges in our Tradition that might be closer to your geographical location.

United Kingdom

Sovereign Sanctuary United Kingdom



Sovereign Sanctuary France


The Purpose of Freemasonry

“… the purpose of the F:.M:. is to know the origin of the man, the reason and the end of the creation, which requires a study, an application, which does not resemble the study and to the application that one gives to the knowledge of all the other things that are reduced in a system, since it is impossible to reach this knowledge without forming the majestic idea of the Godhead, and without seeking to penetrate it’s adorable decrees.

To achieve this, it is necessary to have a sanctity of morals, a humble and respectful contemplation, to divest oneself of the old man (to use the proper terms) and to put on the new one; It is necessary that the soul abstracts the most absolute of the coarse and material machine which envelops it, to devote itself wholly to the spirituality of the object which is to occupy it, in order to obtain from the Supreme Being the special grace to be enlightened in the contemplative work to which she gives herself. This is called wisdom, that wisdom which Solomon and some other privileged beings have obtained; it is through it that the explanation of the mysteries of the Holy Book, the Bible, the parables, and the miracles of our Redeemer must have been known. “

– The Convent of Wilhlemsbad in November 1782