Lodge Seshat


Esoteric Freemasonry

For Women and Men

The Rite of Memphis-Misraim offers a unique esoteric approach to Freemasonry. Lodge Seshat is open to both men and women in the Netherlands.

Egyptian Freemasonry

Within Freemasonry so-called ‘Egyptian Masonry’ holds a special place. The Egyptian Rites were born from a meeting between different initiatory schools, the oldest of the Mediterranean basin, and Freemasonry which offered these initiatory schools a structure adapted to the contemporary world.

Egyptian Freemasonry is a school of initiation which aims to allow women and men to improve in order to be able to shine in the world around them, and especially, to try to answer the existential questions that thinking humanity has always asked, based on the study of our tradition. This requires a work on oneself, a discipline and the respect of certain rules – but which will never be in opposition to the principles of freedom of thought and your moral and religious duties.

We must understand the adjective “Egyptian” not as the literal origin of these Rites, but as a concept of traditional filiation and a continuation of Mediterranean and Hermetic Western Wisdom through initiatory chains of societies stretching back to the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.

Lodge Seshat

Lodge Seshat is a recently established Blue Lodge in the Rite of Memphis and Misraim in the Netherlands. We are an international Lodge and the working language is English.

As Brothers and Sisters we are made the custodians of this very rich initiatory body of teachings. We are bound by the same attraction for Symbolism, Esotericism and Hermeticism as well as the nature of matter and consciousness. We are excited to be able to transmit these esoteric initiations to other worthy seekers and to receive them within the spiritual culture of our Lodge.

Receiving and transmitting these initiations is a labor of love and service towards those who want to walk on an esoteric masonic path.

Joining Egyptian Freemasonry

Egyptian Freemasonry welcomes individuals of all genders, social backgrounds, and professions. Dispelling common misconceptions, Freemasonry is not an exclusive society but rather a brotherhood and sisterhood that embraces sincere people from all walks of life.

If you are considering joining the Freemasons, it is essential to reflect on your motivations. By examining your reasons, you will be better prepared to request membership in our Lodge.

To become a Freemason, you must be at least 21 years of age. During the admission process, you will be evaluated by three Brothers or Sisters who must demonstrate your qualifications within the Lodge.

Know Thyself

The Light of Hermes

“The duties towards God can only be explained by Theosophy, that is to say, the knowledge of God. The knowledge of God, however, is only possible through the living Word, which is in the inner nature of man and which always speaks whenever we become capable of hearing it.”

A Call to Consciousness

The way that Humanity exploits the planet’s natural resources will cause ecologic and climate disaster in the short term. We face tremendous challenges that threaten our physical wellbeing, our economic and financial systems and political stability.

There is a need in society to re-awaken to a deeper part of ourselves which cannot be satisfied by our modern way of living. These crises reflect a psychological poverty and a disconnect from ourselves which is reflected in our relation to the environment and nature.

We cannot solve the crises of today with the same level of consciousness which created them. Our main problem is that we try to egoistically fulfill ourselves at the expense of others by completely disregarding other living beings and Nature.

Some individuals awaken to this necessity for transformation. They are confronted with existential questions about where we come from, what our role is in the world and where we go after death. A primordial longing awakens that calls us towards remembering who we are. 

It is for this reason that the Egyptian Rites exist, to offer a way by which we can answer to that call and transform our consciousness by which we contribute to a collective reformation.